Registration for 2nd & 3rd Grade (Saturday & Sunday) is CLOSED

Registration for 1st Grade (Friday) is CLOSED.

Participation is open to all Border Collies with a pedigree recognized by the Kennel Club from the country of birth. Dogs must have reached the age of 18 months on the day of the competition.

1st grade combinations are eligible to participate on Friday 5th August 2016.

2nd and 3rd grade combinations are eligible to participate in the European Championship on Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of August 2016.

It is not possible to enter for just Saturday or just Sunday.


Please read the Rules & Regulations carefully before entering!


Registration for Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd grade) is open from 29 January until 4 February 2016.

The maximum number of participants is 350. In case the number of registrations exceeds 350, a draw will be made after the registration closes.

The list of combinations with a start ticket will be published on the website shortly after the registration week ends. We will also publish a limited waiting list. If combinations with a start ticket fail to pay the entry fee in time or withdraw their entry, we will contact the people on the waiting list, starting with the first and then working the way down the list. 

If you are on the list of start tickets, please pay your entry fee as soon as possible, but before 1 March. If the entry fee is not in our bank account on 1 March, your start ticket will be given to the next on the waiting list.

Combinations currently in 1st grade can register, and will participate in the draw, but have to prove that they promoted to 2nd grade before 1st June. If not, your start ticket will be given to the first eligible on the waiting list and your entry fee will be returned. You can then still enter for the 1st grade competition on Friday.


Registration for Friday (1st grade) will be from 10 June until 15 July 2016. If you register and pay your entry fee during this period, you will be guaranteed a start ticket for the 1st grade/Friday competition.

Combinations with a Dutch license number can enter via the normal way (pay the entry fee with your license number in comments). Nederlandse deelnemers kunnen zich op de normale manier aanmelden (inschrijfgeld betalen en licentienummer en naam hond in de omschrijving zetten, zie ook Als je een T-shirt wil kopen (€15) of wil kamperen en je hebt nog geen kampeerplek gereserveerd (€40), maak dan die extra kosten ook over en stuur een mail naar met de benodigde info (maat T-shirt en/of kampeermiddel + kenteken auto). 

Foreign competitors can enter by filling in the registration form and pay the entry fee (€16) and if applicable cost for T-shirt (€15) and/or camping (€40) through the bank. Payment/bank information can be found here. Please use your name and the name of the dog as description in your payment!


Entry fee for 2nd/3rd grade (Saturday and Sunday) is €45

Entry fee for 1st grade (Friday) is €16   

In case of cancellation, no start fee will be returned as of two weeks before the competition.