6 August: Results of Friday and Saturday are published. Running order for Country team final is published. 

3 August: Contrary to earlier announcements and the map of the location provided, it is NOT allowed to walk your dogs at the small road immediately next to the venue. 

There will be a large sanitary area at the venue, and you can walk your dogs along the main road (be careful; cars drive very fast!)

31 juli: Livestream by AGILITYnews.eu

30 July: List of Commercial Stands added.

There will be a Dog Physiotherapist/Chiropractor on-site, available for all dogs. Please visit her stand at the Commercial Stands area.

24 July: Running orders and Program for 1st Grade (Friday) and 2nd/3rd Grade (Saturday/Sunday) published.

24 July: During the BCC the main high-way leading to Uden will be (partially) closed due to road works. Instructions on how to reach BCC can be found here.


14 July: Time schedule added to Program

13 July: Veterinarian service to travel back to your country!!

On Thursday 4 August at 11:00 and Friday 5 August at 15:00, a Vet will be available at the venue site to help anyone who needs their dogs checked before traveling back home directly after BCC. 
He will check and fill in the required forms for the Japanese and Israeli dogs who fly back after the BCC.
For UK-inhabitants: he can also treat your dog against tapeworm and record this in the dog's passport. Tapeworm treatment need to be done between 24 and 120 hours before leaving to the UK, so if you leave on Monday, this timing is okay (see https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/tapeworm-treatment-dogs).
Please let us know if you want to make use of this possibility!
Also if there are other participants who need this service (we don't know all the regulations for all countries participating), get in touch with us.
This service is also available for dogs not competing at BCC, but traveling with you.
Note that you have to pay for the Vet's service in cash directly after treatment.

6 July: Start ticket lists for 2nd/3rd Grade (Saturday/Sunday) and 1st Grade (Friday) updated.

18 June: Start ticket lists for 2nd/3rd Grade (Saturday/Sunday) updated and 1st Grade (Friday) published.

27 May: Start ticket list per 27 May published.

3 March: Start Ticket list after payment closure on 1 March. 19 people from the Reserve List are made happy until now. 

26 February: updated payment list has been published.

23 February: payment overview per 23 February has been published. You have only 1 week to make your payment! It has to be in our account on 1 March, otherwise your start ticket will go to the people waiting on the reserve list!

8 February: Start Ticket list has been published

5 February: Registration is closed.

3 February: All registrations until 3 February 10:00 Amsterdam time have been published to CHECK if your registration came through okay. We have 521 registrations until now.....

29 January: Registration is open.

We get lots of requests for confirmation that the registration came through okay. I hope you will understand this is impossible for us to do. We have looked at directly publishing the registrations, but there is too much privacy sensitive information; I don't think people will appreciate us to publish address, telephone numbers and email publicly... And it is not possible to just publish names in a simple way real time. So we will publish all registrations (just names) once on Wednesday 3rd Feb. You can then check whether you are there, and if not, still have one day to send in the registration form again. 


22 January: Registration form has been added. Registrations will only be accepted from 29 January! All registrations sent in before the 29th will be deleted!

21 January: More information about Camping & Hotels added.

13 January: Combinations currently in 1st grade can register for Saturday/Sunday, and will participate in the draw, but have to prove that they promoted to 2nd grade before 1st June. If not, your start ticket will be given to the first eligible on the waiting list and your entry fee will be returned. You can then still enter for the 1st grade competition on Friday.


5 January: Rules & Regulations and Registration information has been published.

Registration for 2nd & 3rd grade (Saturday & Sunday) is from 29 January till (including) 4 February.